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What is a Service Desk & Support Platform?

When providing a service or selling products to your clients, you need to communicate with them. Your clients will get in touch with you using various ways such as, email, phone, web forms, social media, depending on the communication channels that you have made available to them.

They may also contact you repeatedly to follow up on a specific issue. Without a service desk platform for example, with email alone, you would have to continuously search through your emails to trace messages and understand what is going on. If you need assistance with emails, you would have to share your login details with the person helping you. It would also be difficult to evaluate the performance of the service you provide to your clients. This challenge becomes magnified when you add on other communication channels.

A service desk platform helps you overcome this challenge and provide a robust, well-organised service to your clients. When a client submits a request, that is logged as a ticket. You can trace the progress taken in addressing the issue a client has raised from start to resolution all in one place.

You can also share the workload of supporting your clients by bringing on board service desk agents to provide the necessary support such as answering questions, supporting the sales process, after sales support and can produce reports to evaluate your support service.

A service desk can also be used for non-commercial purposes, such as an organisation that needs to manage enquiries from the public in an organised manner.

Ideal scenarios for a service desk solution

Service desks are ideal for:

  • Ecommerce sites that need to support clients through the ecommerce process
  • Any business or organisation that needs to communicate with the public regardless of whether it has an ecommerce component

Our Service desk & support products

We provide the following service desk and support products

  • Service Desk Website – A web platform where you can manage the support service to your clients
  • Live Chat Service – The ability to provide live chat support integrated into your website
  • Remote Assist Service – The ability to provide remote assistance to your clients


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