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What is a Content Website?

A content website enables you to share your content with your audience. Unlike a brochure website that simply showcases what your organisation or project is about and provides other useful information and links, a content website continually provides material for users to engage with on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The content you may want to share with your audience may be articles (news, feature articles, blogs), photos, videos, audio or a combination of two or more of these.

This provides your audience with material to engage with and so visitors will continuously come to the site to read, view, watch or listen to new content.

Ideal scenarios for an ecommerce website

Content sites are ideal for:

  • News websites, to provide readers with news stories
  • Online Magazines, to showcase photos, and feature articles
  • Blogs, for bloggers to provide their content
  • Organisation intranet sites, to provide staff with information
  • Educational institution intranet site, to provide students with information

Our Content Site Products

We provide the following content site products

  • Content Standard Plan – This is ideal when you are getting started with few content items (below 100 items)
  • Content Standard Plus Plan – This is ideal when you are starting with above 100 but below 500 content items
  • Content Premium Plan – This is ideal when you are starting with over 500 content items or want a highly customised design for your site


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