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What is a Collaboration Solution?

When working as a team with a project to deliver, service to provide or item to develop, team members need to communicate to be productive.
Therefore collaborative tools are required ranging from email to dedicated collaboration solutions.

Collaboration solutions enable teams to work together and better manage your tasks. To work effectively, such a solution needs to be configured and customised for your project needs, taking into account processes to create workflows that enable the team to remain organised and productive.

A collaboration solution also enables the team to work from any location and effectively share information if they have an internet connection.

Ideal scenarios for a collaborative solution

Collaboration solutions are ideal for:

  • Development teams in any industry sector
  • Service delivery teams that need to work together
  • Project teams

Our Collaboration products

We provide the following service desk and support products

  • Email Service – An email solution for your organisation
  • Collaboration Website – A platform for your team to stay in touch and communicate in real time
  • Project Management Website – A platform for your team to work together, share and manage tasks.


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